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Way too many creative business owners are awesome at creating... but kind of get stuck on everything else.

And honestly… it’s not too hard to figure out why.

Many of us have been told the lie (since forever) that you can’t be creative and good at managing a business at the same time.

Chances, you’ve fallen for this lie too, and it can wreak havoc on our confidence. Here are the symptoms:

  • Do you tell yourself that you’re ‘not a real business owner’ because the everyday essentials of running your business feel, well… boring?

  • Between the bookkeeping, endless marketing, and all the legal stuff, do you feel like you’re drowning in admin chaos?

  • Do you love the work and you love your clients… but can’t shake the feeling that you’re winging this whole business thing?

  • Are you painfully aware that one good month now won’t necessarily translate to a good month tomorrow, but you have no idea how to fix that?

Listen: Even if your creative brain glazes over when it comes to things like finances, compliance and governance…

It doesn’t have to be hard (or boring) to get clear on your profitability plan.

Your business and creative future deserves the best chance of success with a structured plan — not to be duct-taped together with hope and idealism . 

The big question is, how will you take action with ease to make your profit goals?

Sure, you could keep ignoring your numbers and not face the hard truth…

(and the nerves in the pit of your stomach when BAS time draws near).

You could ignore your cash flow wobbles, shove your head in the sand, and keep plunging ahead, blindly hoping that your first or second year of business will magically wind up profitable at the end of year.

Or you could get your shit together and start taking decisive action NOW to make that happen.

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Sure, you could keep ignoring your numbers and not face the hard truth…

(and the nerves in the pit of your stomach when BAS time draws near).

You could ignore your cash flow wobbles, shove your head in the sand, and keep plunging ahead, blindly hoping that your first or second year of business will magically wind up profitable at the end of year.

Or you could get your shit together and start taking decisive action NOW to make that happen.

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Ask yourself this...

What strategic moves can you do NOW to move your creative business forward with ease in a way that feels perfect for you?

What would it feel like to have all your business fundamentals sorted, so you don’t have to worry ever again?

What will make your business feel simpler and easier, so you aren’t sitting at the kitchen table late at night, gulping down coffee (or wine), wondering whether this will be the month your business blows up with no cash?

What you need is...

(the right) business foundations that’ll take you from floundering to flourishing.

You need expert help + accountability, plus a community to build your momentum.

Ignoring this stuff won’t make it go away. 

That’s why now’s the perfect time to…


The Creative Business Incubator Club

The only 12-week high-touch course and coaching program that gives Australian businesses everything they need for the strongest business foundation.

So you can skip the frustration and make your creative business profitable faster.

This is more than just a practical guide for the creative business starter.

The Creative Business Incubator Club is about aligning your purpose with ACTION and supporting you 1:1 so your creative business can grow in leaps and bounds.

We'll work with you to demystify all the hard stuff you've been avoiding… and step up and own it.

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here's what's included when you join the

Creative Business Incubator Club


Module 1

Getting Started + How to Get the Most out of the Creative Business Incubator Club

Share a little about your business so I can offer you personalised strategic advice. Get clarity on what you want to accomplish in the Creative Business Incubator Club.

Module 2

All About Your Customer + Profitable Pricing

Perfect your pricing and double down on attracting the right customer, so you can grow your business sustainably with clients that light you up.


Module 3

Uncover Your Competitive Advantage with Market Analysis

Understand your target market, competitors, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities with a SWOT analysis, so you can create the right offers and sell with ease.

Module 4

Risky Business: How to Proactively Safeguard Your Business

Get a really thorough understanding of the critical factors your business needs to achieve success, so you can protect your business from failure with a clear strategic direction.


Module 5

Achieving a Sustainable Cash Flow with Marketing and Sales

Decide on the right marketing and sales plan to grow your business in the way that works best for you and your lifestyle.

Module 6

Which Ownership Structure Suits Your Business?

Assess which ownership structure makes most sense for your business to reap the rewards of smarter operations and tax rates. 


Module 7

Smart Budgeting Strategies for Business Success

Get smarter with your business finances with personalised advice and feedback from a financial expert, so you can meet your big-picture personal goals. 

Module 8

Financing Your Business

Decide on the best finance options to fuel your business growth and give it the best start. 


Module 9

Compliance Mastery: Navigate Regulations with Confidence

Avoid compliance pitfalls that can get you in a sticky spot and prepare for future growth.

Module 10

Build and Lead a High-Performance Team

Grow your team with intention with the right organisational structure, smooth onboarding processes for new employees, and the right systems to support your team. 


Module 11

The Path to Success: Mastering Milestones and Tracking Progress

Set your success milestones so you can move forward with purpose and track your business’ progress toward your goals.

Module 12

Set Your Vision: Writing Your Executive Summary

Develop your mission and big picture vision, so you can grow your business with intention.


With the Creative Business Incubator Club you'll...

  • Start feeling like a CEO, not a creative freelancer stretched thin
  • Emerge out the other side with a simple, brilliantly effective business plan
  • Gain a super-clear understanding of how to make your business profitable
  • Connect with other creative business owners in the same situation
  • Benefit from the no BS, grounded knowledge of a mentor who can make the boring and hard stuff human and achievable
  • Sleep easy at night knowing that your business is viable, protected, and compliant with Australian law
  • Learn how to make confident, effective business decisions - now and in the future

meet the founder

Hi, I’m Renee Minchin

And I love translating complex financial and compliance concepts into simple steps for creative coaches and business owners.

I'm a dedicated and experienced financial professional with over 20 years of experience as a passionate and driven CFO, accountant, bookkeeper, BAS Agent, ASIC agent, and multi-business owner.


Choose from two
business-accelerating options

The Creative Business Incubator Club
(Group Program)

12 Modules of core content, complete with checklists and accountability

Lifetime access to the Creative Business Incubator Club community

Investment: $495 + GST

The Creative Business Incubator Club + Work 1:1 with Renee

Everything in the Group Program


Once a month, for 3 months 1:1 business coaching (high touch point)

Once a month, 2 x 15 minute Emergency breakdown calls (support)

Once a month, 1 x 30 minute group sessions (group session – 3 in total for period, additional content)

Investment: $2,490 + GST


Renee runs the Being Mindset which I completed last year 2023.  I was a new customer with Renee and her business 2Account.

I was so impressed by her knowledge of running a company, being a Company Director, the options and financial advantages that are possible when owning a company that I ended up really liking the course.  I have found accounting etc too hard to understand or I have been too busy running my business to worry about the Corporate company laws but Renee made it sound easy.  When I was stuck or found the course too heavy, Renee explained the different subjects in a easy way to understand and my business has flourished.  I highly recommend this course to anyone that is a Director of a company and especially women who want to be successful.


Here’s what others had to say...
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“I’ve always had a passion for crafting custom jewellery for friends and family - and when I left my full time job, I was like ‘ How do I turn this into something more?’ Being Mindset has helped me achieve my dream, and I’m officially a successful business owner.”

brittany trist

Rectangle 49

“Before Being Mindset, my business was in a rut. I had all these great ideas and no idea how to implement them effectively. Now, my business is thriving. I have redefined my vision and understand how to sell my unique selling points.”

jane davis

Rectangle 50

"Since taking over my dad’s restaurant, the business has been steady - but I’ve always had a vision for how we can grow. Being Mindset gave me the skills and tools to make the changes we needed to take our restaurant to the next level."

josh chang



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The Creative Business Incubator Club is perfect for you if…

  • You're ready to transform from an overworked, underpaid creative freelancer to the CEO of a legit profitable business
  • You rushed setting up your business (it’s chaos behind the scenes) and now you’re ready to get truly organised for max profitability
  • You want to get your shit together and stop hiding from the realities of running a business
  • You want for expert, no-bullshit guidance and practical strategies tailored to creative entrepreneurs
  • Right now you feel like you’re doing this all alone - and you’re ready to change that