Calling all Creative Business Coaches

(who avoid the boring stuff)

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Another C word for you:

is your business compliant?

If that question makes you want to run screaming into an art studio or boutique record store, you’re in good company – but deep down, you know that as a business owner and a business coach, you need to be on top of this stuff.

In fact, at the risk of stating the obvious, these points are only the beginning of the ever-growing list of things you need to be aware of in order to make sure your business (and your clients’ businesses) are compliant. 

It’s a lot – but the good news is, it’s totally possible to *create* a solution that works for you.

All you need is someone who can translate all the Ts and Cs and legalese into plain English to-do lists that you can understand and action. 

A checklist of basic business compliance to-dos is a great place to start – especially if, like most creatives, your head is buried in a million different projects, and you needed to be on top of them all, like, yesterday.

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Who's Renee?

That would be me!

I’m an Australian CFO, accountant, bookkeeper, BAS Agent, and ASIC agent, and I get my kicks from helping creatives understand their financial and legal responsibilities so they can get on with making magic in their businesses.

As the proud founder of the bookkeeping and accountancy agency 2account, I work hard to provide high-compliance companies and established enterprises with a white-glove service (and a splash of paint).

I couldn't make this up...

Check out my client’s words of praise

Renee has a strong reservoir of professional skill and experience, particularly in capital markets and financial services. What I really enjoy about her is her personalised approach – what you get with her is a phone call or a face-to-face meeting rather than an email message. I also like her straight-up honesty that cuts to the chase. Call it old fashioned perhaps, but in this day and age I find that is what really counts.

Nicholas Benbow

Director – WilliamBuck


Not sure you need another checklist?

If you're also unsure about...

What your numbers are

Whether your business is structured correctly

Where the real risk is in your business

Whether you’ve planned and prepared for sustainable growth – and whether your current pricing allows for it

Your financial and governance requirements and whether you’re complying with them

This checklist was made for you.

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